​​Children of Ankh

Middle-Grade Side Series

Bring Out Your Dead

Meet Owen. She's 13 and she can see dead people...or maybe she's just insane. You decide. 

In The Works

Beautiful Disaster

The eagerly anticipated back series about the Brothers of Prophecy and the girl that started it all.  The original seventeen children of Ankh are saved in the first large-scale immortal Correction in Rome by the Guardian Azariah. Ankh, Trinity, and Triad are born as three immortal brothers separate, over the love of an immortal woman to run their own clans.

The Repopulation Project

 A very special book. Old school SciFi about the human race escaping from a doomed planet and coming to a new world.  

Kayn's Series

Sweet Sleep 


Let There Be Dragons

Handlers Of Dragons

Lexy's Series

Wild Thing

Wicked Thing

Coming Summer 2018, the next book in Lexy's series. Deplorable Me